Fireflies I - Creative - Photoshoot - Fary Light - Portrait - Fine Art - Movement - Conceptual Art - Abstract Photography - Studio Photography - Basel - Switzerland - Lomobox
In the Forest IV - Portrait - Female - Nature - Photography - Basel - Switzerland - Lomobox

A creative and abstract series of images with a stunning color combination, creating an impression of the subject is surrounded by a swarm of fireflies.


My Passions


Creative portraiture of people, revealing something about the subject's personality or telling a story.

Nude Art

Depicting the beauty of the nude human body. The key to beautiful fine art nude images is th right quality of the light and the intentional use of lights and shadows to reveal and conceal.


Using analog film and techniques to create beautiful, handcrafted images with character and personality.

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About Lomobox

I first became fascinated with photography when I took a analog photography course back when I was in school. Soon I started to love the creative possibility this medium offers, and before long I also started to appreciate the manual process and visual characteristics of analog photography, which influences my work to this day.
After my time in school, I took a break from photography and pursued other creative interests. However, after a while, in 2018 I rediscovered my passion for photography, and since then focusing my work on portraiture and fine art nude.

Kim Jeker